Simple License Matrix


The Advanced Matrix:

SLM allows for flexibility and for the public to directly interact and evolve the Matrix itself.  Our ability to add new categories to the Matrix is infinite, but any proposal must meet the test that it is applicable to the general public, and not for a single individual or type of work.  With the Simple Matrix alone, there are 2,880 possible licenses that could be created.  Anyone who asks for one of those combinations will be automatically created with no questions asked.  But there is no way we would make all 2,880 before there is a need.  The Advanced Matrix always works off the 6 categories of the Simple Matrix, and currently we have only added three additional categories based on existing licenses.  Corporate Use, Illegal Activity, and Early Release to Public Domain.

Our Simple Licenses:

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Advanced License # 411411.41

“Make Licensed Derivatives the Same, Strong Copyleft, ShareAlike”

Don’t see the License your looking for.  Just let us know what it is that you need and we will make it for you.  We will create any License that is simple, and has a general public need.  For more information check out our Custom and Advanced License Options.

Example Advanced License:

License #:





The Simple Matrix is always the first part of the Advanced Matrix.  There will always be a blank space and a “dot” between the simple matrix and every six advanced categories.  Therefore there is room for 4 more additional categories before an other “dot” will be added.

A “dash” and a number at the end of the license signifies the number of years before release to the Public Domain.  An “underscore” signifies the number of years after the owners death until release to the public domain.  Release to Public Domain will be applied to any existing simple matrix license upon request.







Advanced License # 411411.14

“License Derivatives the Same, Strong Copyleft, ShareAlike, No Illegal Use”

Advanced License # 411411.14-35

“License Derivatives the Same, Strong Copyleft, ShareAlike, No Illegal Use, Release to Public Domain in 35 years”


Advanced License # 221221.112

“Give Some Credit, Most Commercial Mixing, Weak Copyleft, Share mostly Alike, Most Commercial Uses, Some Production Restrictions”